Floor Jansen Week  |  Day 3 - Favorite song with Nightwish

Song:  Ghost Love Score
DVD:  Showtime, Storytime (2013)

I feel so happy that this song was so important for her after recovering from the burn out and give her the passion to sing again. Now I understand how much she loves this song and that she gives everything when she sings it! :’)

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exeggcutor said:… not sure it counts as help, but it is small, fluffy and cuddly, so have some of that. :)

Omg, this is really really nice and terribly cure, thank you, honestly!


I’m strongly inclined to spend all day singing along to It’s My Life when I should actually be working on my ph.D. thesis.

Really really loving to sing and loving music and wanting to write some music and perform some music is absolutely not helpful when you CAN’T sing.

#current mood since Whitsun: there’s a fucking flood of emotions inside me and they want out and they CAN’T

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INLEGEND (Official) - Envoys of Peace (HQ) [Stones At Goliath]



„This one’s for all the wimps and posers! And women!“

I just wanted to share this cheesy old Edguy ballad with everyone, thanks. It’s as kitschy as kitschy can get and I love it for it. Let’s say I’m trying to harden myself for the gig on sunday!? I don’t know!? No, I don’t actually understand why I listen to the stuff that makes me cry, either, but I’ll let you know when I’ve found a sensible explanation. Until then, on with the kitsch.


Anonymous said: hi chira! sorry to bother you but i've come back to art after many many years and while i was never great to begin with i'm now completely overwhelmed by how i can't seem to draw anything at all... i can't even get past basic scribblings because of this. i don't know where to start with what i need to learn and i feel like i won't ever be able to show anyone anything i draw... you're always so confident in your art so do you have any advice on where to start or how to not hate what i draw?


I’m not confident in my art skill, really. I’m constantly surprised people have such nice things to say on it. I’m constantly fighting against how plain and drab my drawings look. I’m constantly trying to look at my art and not see a sum of flaws. I’m constantly judging myself for all the ways I should be better and I’m not, and how much I struggle with how a lack of achieving the progress I want is interpreted by my head as weakness.

And unfortunately that comes with the territory and never really goes away. I don’t know any artist, no matter how skilled, that doesn’t struggle with crippling self-doubt.

If you’re looking for confidence, I hate to say it, that’s something I think very few achieve — if it can be achieved at all. Learning and improving your skill and method is a continuously humbling experience, and part of that lesson is to not mistake “humbling” with “self-hatred.”

The trick to that is to find confidence in literally everything else about art. Why does anyone create or do art at all? Expression. Fun. Play. A purpose. A message. Connection. Communication. Those are all things you can and should feel confident about, otherwise there’s no point to doing art.

That may sound simple but it’s actually very hard, because there’s an important life lesson in achieving that. And it’s a life lesson you’re going to have to re-affirm every minute of every day. And that’s the one every story has been teaching us from the beginning: believing in yourself and what you do, and persevering when all you want to do is break your pencil in half and give up.

Simply put: Don’t make art to be good at it. Make art to be proud of yourself for.







sometimes I forget that rulers work with tablets and I get really frustrated with my inability to freehand straight lines





#and you can just trace circles too and use a straight edge and ohmygod my whole world is different now   

omfg for real I thought this was just me?

er, dear artists of Tumblr:





you can also trace things


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Some day I will never again have to carry out unsatisfying tasks like PRINTING SOME FUCKING HUNDRED PAGES, but apparently, that day is not today

Neither will it be tomorrow

I don’t want it to be tomorrow

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I’m also amazed that I’m too stupid to find out how to enroll as a ph.D. student at my university, so I guess I’ll find out tomorrow when I try to convince people in various offices that I should be a ph.D. student now? The things you suddenly think of the day evening before they should have been done…