Scribbling fanart instead of doing something worthwhile.

-Beleg and Túrin from the Silmarillion whom I so ought to repaint some day.

-More Avantasia/TMO scribbling, this time Elderane and Regrin. Where can I vote for Kai Hansen to play a dwarf in a fantasy movie? Head canon is that they give Gabriel a warm welcome in Sesidhbana*, keep on chatting and explaining the lyrics of Inside to the poor novice who doesn’t understand a word and who tries to tell them all the time that he’s a cleric and not a hero or fighter. It doesn’t work, they keep chatting.

*Which I will pronounce “sheshibana” until somebody tells me how else to pronounce it. And it ought to be a really cool place with buildings, pillars, and Elderane’s throne all carved out of living trees which still happily continue to grow, with huge archways, and with a nice view over the mountains, lakes and plains of Avantasia. …And the bloody tower’s menacing silhouette in the distance, hurhur.